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Mayweather vs Berto Fight Odds and Betting - September 12th, 2015

Mayweather vs Berto Fight Odds and Betting – September 12th, 2015

It’s tough to get a lot of excitement going for a Mayweather fight after the bout he had with Manny Pacquio. That fight had been in the works for so long and there was such a real possibility that Mayweather could lose, that interest sky-rocketed. Now, with his 48th fight coming up, even Mayweather is doing his best to promote, not only the fight, but his opponent as well. While the majority of the boxing experts and sports analysts have called this fight nothing short of a lay-up for Floyd, Mayweather has been quoted as saying that Berto will test him in the ring. And not just with strategy, which the 38 year old fighter is extremely well versed in. Berto will be putting some speed into this fight and testing the limits of Mayweather’s reflexes and supposedly modest aging.

Betting on Mayweather


Without diving too deep into Mayweather’s well known record, Floyd is going to pick up some points in this fight right away due to his stature and reach. His opponent is just a hair over 5 feet and 6 inches and his reach is 3 and a half inches shorter than Mayweather’s. With the undefeated fighter owing the best defensive boxing strategy and implementation in recent memory, it will take more than a little luck for Berto to get any significant strikes past Floyd’s lightning fast hands.

There is an argument that Floyd’s age (7 years Berto’s senior) will play a limiting factor in Mayweather’s performance, but given his physical advantage, experience will, if nothing else, at least even out the playing field. Whatever Mayweather loses for those extra seven years in the ring, he gets back for all that he’s learned while being there.

Betting on Berto


It would be a tall order to convince any sports bettor to put money on Berto, but the idea may not be as ridiculous as a lot of people think. There are two reasons for this. The first is that Berto has a fighting style that could win this regardless of Mayweather’s stellar defence and the second is that his odds are well out of line. Let’s talk about the fighting style first. Berto is a fighter that delivers a lot of quick combinations. That means that this fight will go at a very different pace than the one Mayweather fought against Manny. And with those quick combinations, Berto has been able to rack up a lot of knock out victories. In total he’s managed to knock out 23 of his 33 past opponents. If he gets one good combo or swing in on Mayweather, it could be over before any of the really intricate strategies come into play. Now, the second reason you might want to back Berto is the payout. He’s paying out at 17.00 right now and there are a lot of bettors that feel this is out of line. In fact, about 30% of them do at the moment. Going with odds that are out of line is a very good long term strategy, but it’s a difficult position to take in boxing because there just aren’t that many fights. At least, there aren’t that many major fights that can be more easily handicapped by the betting public.

Mayweather vs. Berto Outright Win Odds – Bet365  
Floyd Mayweather Jr. 1.012
Andre Berto 17.00

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