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MLB Baseball Betting - Odds and Best Sports Books

Major League Baseball betting has historically been one of the most profitable opportunities for sharp sports bettors. The stats heavy game has become

MLB Betting

Major League Baseball betting has historically been one of the most profitable opportunities for sharp sports bettors. The stats heavy game has become a favourite over the years for statisticians, engineers, and anyone with the math skills to overcome the odds. Because of this, going with a book aimed towards the more serious sports bettor is an important thing and for that reason your best baseball betting option is Pinnacle Sports. They’ve been offering baseball betting online for more than a decade and they focus and what’s most important for serious MLB Bettors. First and foremost, they allow you to bet multiple times on the same game and take multiple sides if necessary. Need to hedge a wager? Need to double down on a line? Pinnacle Sports has you covered. They also offer something extremely important for MLB bettors and that is some of the highest betting limits available anywhere. When you find a discrepancy in the odds, you want to be aggressive with it and the betting limits at Pinnacle Sports allow you to do so. Some of their markets carry a betting limit as high as $50,000 CAD.

MLB Betting Markets at Pinnacle Sports

Standard MLB Bets
Money Line, Total, Run Line

MLB Props
Point Spreads (larger or smaller than the run line), Runs, Hits, Errors, Partial Game Odds (3 inning, 6 inning, last 3 innings), Money Line Action, Money Line Listed Pitchers, Money Line One Listed Pitcher, Grand Salami

MLB Futures
World Series Winner, National League Pennant Winner, American League Pennant Winner

2015 MLB World Series Winner Odds from Pinnacle Sports

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Don’t Count The Giants Out – That’s what everyone was doing last season after San Francisco silently slid their way into the MLB playoffs after an 88 win season that gave them second place comfortably in the NL West. They might have a little more difficulty winning the World Series this year though with a bullpen that’s looking more questionable than most MLB betting fans would like. Two of their pitchers will be coming into the season after undergoing operations and 
Madison Bumgarner will be contesting with the fact that he threw 270 innings last season; enough to strain the strongest of arms. At least their odds are a little more in line with their strained roster. They’ll be at odds of 21.55 to win the World Series this year.

Dodging Another Divisional Demise – After keeping pace with the best in the league with 94 wins and ownership of the top spot in the NL West, the 2014 Dodgers were looking prime to take a run at the World Series in 2014. Their hopes were dashed, though, when the Cardinals took them out in the National League semis. This year they’ve added a new weapon to their roster in the form of Brandon McCarthy and he should do a lot to keep them in contention come playoff time. The only trouble with McCarthy is that injury could snap him away at any moment. His ongoing struggles with his 2011 injury have been relatively under control though.

Nationals Without Treasure– The Washington Nationals are once again riding high on the MLB futures odds table as the current favourites to win the World Series in 2015. The Nationals, however, have done an excellent job at failing to meet the expectations of fans and sports bettors alike over the last two seasons. They missed the playoffs in 2013 and after racking up an NL East leading 96 wins in 2014, they were ejected from the playoffs after just one series against the San Francisco Giants. What the Nationals will need more than anything else this season is a more potent offence. They were held together last year with their star studded cast of pitchers, but it’s hard to keep things moving forward when you host a team batting average of just .253.

Where’s the Money? – Keep in mind that there’s still a lot of time until the season starts so these markets haven’t had a chance to balance out a lot yet. Right now the Boston Red Sox are leading the way with 16.5% of the betting and the Cubs are right behind them with 15% of the action. Despite being the odds on favourites, the Nationals have managed to garner only 10% of the action and the Padres are the next closest to them with 7.6% of the World Series Futures betting action.

Nationals @ 6.59 Dodgers @ 8.71 Angels @ 13.35
Cardinals @ 13.35 Tigers @ 15.40 Mariners @ 16.40
Red Sox @ 17.47 Cubs @ 21.55 Giants @ 21.55
Jays @ 21.55 Indians @ 23.47 Royals @ 23.61
White Sox @ 25.00 Padres @ 25.00 Orioles @ 28.75
Athletics @ 29.77 Mets @ 34.61 Braves @ 34.90
Yankees @ 34.90 Pirates @ 34.90 Reds @ 52.37
Marlins @ 52.37 Brewers @ 52.37 Rays @ 52.37
Rangers @ 52.37 Astros @ 96.79 Diamondbacks @ 129.37
Phillies @ 129.37 Rockies @ 155.05 Twins @ 155.05