NFL Betting

Canadian Sports Betting gives you reviews of all major sportsbooks and odds on props and futures betting as well as the usual sports betting, including NFL betting.

NFL Odds

The new NFL season is less than a couple of months away but already you can find NFL odds on most games and the Super Bowl winners. Most sportsbooks will cover the usual prop betting which very popular in Canada, such as rushing, receiving yards betting, most touchdowns and so on. All sites give you an opportunity to place bets on futures, like the Super Bowl winners or the Divisional champions.

As was to be expected, the New England Patriots are once again warm favourites to become the new champions at +600. They are followed closely by the Philadelphia Eagles at +1000 who are the strong favorites to win their Division, Conference and NFC Championship.
The Pittsburgh Steelers are next in the Super Bowl betting at +1200 along with the Los Angeles Rams (+1200) and Green Bay Packers (+1200) also having the decent odds on lifting the Lombardi Trophy. The Minnesota Vikings follow close behind them at +1400.
The Green Bay Packers have the second best odds to win the NFC at +700, while the Patriots are odds favorites to win their Division, Conference and AFC Championship followed by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

NFL Lines

Game One of the 2018/19 season is on September 7th, and what a game it is. The Atlanta Falcons are meeting the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday Night Football. The NFL lines are already set, as are they for the whole of the season ending on December 30th.
The New England Patriots are standing at +500 to win it all again even if they slipped up in the 2018/19 Super Bowl. The Eagles are at +1000, Steelers at +1200 and Vikings at +1400. Although close matches can be rare in NFL, there are some close matchups predicted already in Week One. The Arizona Cardinals are at -100 to beat the Washington Redskins. Los Angeles Rams are given -150 NFL odds to beat the Oakland Raiders. Others predicted close games are Cowboys vs Panthers and the Seahawks vs Broncos.
A few matchups are predicted to be blowouts like the Green Bay Packers set up with a -900 line to defeat Chicago Bears. The Patriots are also set up with a -700 line to beat the Houston Texans.

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NFL Picks

As well as reviews of trusted sportsbooks, we will have our own weekly NFL picks for individual games. You will also be able to find information on our Futures picks for the NFC and AFC Championships and the Super Bowl. With late April and the NFL draft long gone and the league down to only a handful of free agents left to sign, most experts have already provided NFL picks for the 2018/19 season, the playoffs and the Super Bowl.

The most common pick you can find right now is how many wins each team will have at the end of the regular season. The Patriots are picked to have 11 wins and the Steelers 10 at the top of the list. Down at the bottom, The Browns, Cardinals, Bears and the Bengals are predicted to only have 5 wins each this coming season. Once all the dealings have finished and full squad lists are available, you will be able to find expert NFL picks on the new season, weekly games and the Super Bowl as well as detailed odds on every team.
At the moment, we pick the Patriots to take the AFC championship and the Steelers to run away with the NFC championship. These two teams are also picked to meet in the Super Bowl in February. The Vikings, who traditionally have one great and immediately a bad season are picked to have it worse than last year.

NFL Predictions

In a month or so, sports betting sites including ours will offer their full NFL predictions for the 2018/19 season. Once again, you will be able to place a wager on almost anything, from the normal bets like the Over/Under, Points Spread or a Moneyline plus the usual Futures bets and various prop betting.
NFL predictions will include all games week by week and the playoffs once the regular season ends right through to the Super Bowl which will be held in Atlanta this time around.
Some industry professionals have already made their NFL predictions. A few players who missed out on last season because of injury should be back this year. To give you an example, the New York Giants should be a much better team in the 2018/19 season when Beckham Jr. returns and with the incoming new head coach. The Green Bay Packers are predicted to return to the top and make it to the postseason this year with star quarterback Aaron Rodgers back from injury.

Other teams considered to make it past the regular season, who haven’t managed to do so last season, are the Chargers, the 49ers and the Texans. However, this early before the season opening, predicting games can be challenging. No one predicted that Philadelphia was going to win the Super Bowl last year and take the title. Still, it’s safe to predict they will be in the fight again, as well as the title favorites, New England Patriots.

2018/19 NFL Player Prop Betting

The 2018/19 NFL season is only a few weeks away now and we have been scouring the best online sportsbooks to cover the most popular player props available. So far Bet365 seems to be the leading Canadian focused sportsbook with the most offerings so far. Get current odds for 2018/19 Most Rushing Yards, 2018/19 QB Most Passing Yards, 2018/19 WR Most Receiving Yards and MVP. We will be posting any other NFL player props that become available in the near future.

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NFL Team Props and Futures Bets

Team props and futures are very popular bets among Canadians. Most people have a team they cheer for and probably know more about that teams chances in the upcoming season than anything else. You can find team futures odds to win Divisions, Conferences and the Super Bowl at just about any popular online sportsbook. We will have odds posted shortly on teams to win the AFC North, AFC East, AFC South, AFC West, NFC East, NFC North, NFC South and NFC West. And of course odds to win the AFC and NFC Conference and Super Bowl.

Canadian Sportsbook NFL Promotions and Free Bets

In this section we will keep you updated with special bonuses and free bets related to the NFL season. Its a little early at the moment but rest assured, once the season begins you will see all sorts of special offers coming from some great sportsbooks. One promotion which is very popular with NFL fans is the Bet365 parlay bonus. Just about everyone loves parlay bets when it comes to NFL football, and this promotion provides a payout bonus based on the size of the ticket. Bet365 also offers a great NFL reload bonus usually 50% up to $200 just before the season begins. So if you already have a Bet365 account, be sure to check your email for that bonus code. Sportingbet usually offers plenty of money back free bets week to week during the NFL season and some parlay insurance promos as well. This is nice addition as it goes along great with their VIP Program which awards free stuff to loyal customers. As more promotions become released we will feature them right here.

Sportsbook Odds and Betting vs Proline

Government sports lotteries such as Proline or Sports Select are very popular in Canada. But those who have switched to sports betting online can clearly see online sportsbooks provide a superior product. Proline does not allow single game wagering which is a big deal for serious sports bettors who only want to bet on individual games. Its much harder pairing games up and winning. And even if you do, the payout on a two game spread based bet online has minimum odds of 1.90×1.90 = 3.61 x your bet. A Proline two game parlay point spread bet has payout odds of 1.70×1.70 = 2.89 x your bet. On a $100 wager you win $72 more dollars with an online sportsbook than Proline. That is a huge difference. Not too mention you cannot bet on Props or Futures with Proline or live on your phone like you can with online sportsbooks.