Playoff Round 1 - 76ers vs. Nets Prediction and Betting Odds

Eastern Conference Playoffs 2019

Philadelphia 76ers (51-31)

Philadelphia had a talented roster coming into the 2018-19 season. After making an impressive run into the playoffs last year, expectations were high for them this season. Whether they could meet those expectations was in question without the young talent on the team taking a big step forward.

But rather than wait to see if they would, the team decided to improve the roster. They traded for Jimmy Butler early in the season and then added Tobias Harris closer to the trade deadline. What already was a good roster, became an insanely talented one.

These guys are going to be very hard to beat. They are that rare combination of a productive offense (115.2 points/game) and a solid defense (108.9 rating). Most teams tend to have one or the other (or neither).

This is a good team that is going to have a good shot at winning the Conference this year.

Brooklyn Nets (42-40)

When the Nets made the move to Brooklyn seven years ago, they were a competitive team and proved it with three consecutive playoff seasons. But then some questionable trades hurt the development of the roster, and they failed to make the playoffs for the next three.

No one really believed they had what it takes to get back to the postseason this year, but here they are.  But without a marquee player on the roster, they are going to have a hard time against teams in the playoffs with three or four.

To be fair, they are not a bad team without one. They did average over 112 points a game this season and finished with a respectable defensive rating (109.2). But if they are going to beat anyone in the playoffs, they are going to need to find a way to up their game.

Prediction: Brooklyn doesn’t stand a chance in this series. The 76ers simply have way too much talent on the roster for the Nets to present much of a challenge. That being said, Joel Embiid could miss the first game (maybe more?) which could open the door for the Nets to steal a win.

Philadelphia wins the series 4-1.

Philadelphia wins the series 4-1.

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