Warriors vs. Clippers Prediction and Betting Odds

Western Conference - Round 1

Golden State Warriors (57-25)

The Golden State Warriors had a little more drama going on this season than fans have grown accustomed to. But while the road was a little rockier than it has been the last four years, the end result is still the same.

The Warriors finished the season with the best record in the Western Conference and one of the best in the NBA. They finished the season strong, winning six of their last seven (but they really didn’t try to win the seventh).

The roster is still stacked with all-stars and future Hall of Famers. If anyone wants to win the West, they will have to go through the defending champion Warriors. They will have to deal with one of the most potent and explosive offenses in recent NBA history.

They will not be easy to beat for a game let alone a best of seven series.

Round 1 - 13.4.19

Los Angeles Clippers (48-34)

If you had taken a poll during the preseason about whether the Clippers would make the playoffs this season, the majority would have likely said no. In a league that is driven by marquee names and big-time talents, the Clippers didn’t really have any after getting rid of them over the last couple years.

But what they did have is a collection of good players and an excellent head coach in Doc Rivers. With a limited amount of talent, he managed to put together a team with a top-five offense averaging around 115 points/game.

Down the stretch, when they needed to win games in order to stay in the hunt/qualify, they played even better. Since March 1, they have had a top-three offense (118.0 points/game) and have stepped up their defensive game as well.

But to beat the Warriors in round one, they are going to need to do more than just play better. They are going to need to redefine what their ‘A’ game is.

Prediction: Doc Rivers did a great job turning the Clippers into a playoff team this year, but there just isn’t anyway, barring serious injuries to multiple players, his Clippers beat the Warriors in the first round.

Golden State wins the series, 4-0.

Golden State wins the series, 4-0.

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