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Proline Baseball Betting Rules and Tips

In Canada Proline and its variation of names depending on which province you reside on is one of the most popular ways to bet on baseball. It is really great because you can simply enter most convenience stores and buy a ticket with cash and collect at the same location as long as its under $1,000.

Proline MLB Baseball Rules and FAQ

  • What Baseball Bets are available on Proline?
    Canadians can put regular Proline tickets together on baseball just like any other sport. There must be a minimum of three games on one ticket consisting of regular Proline Outcomes or combination of Over Under’s. Proline also offers the Point Spread format where you only need to select two events per ticket. MLB Point Spread and Proline cannot be combined on a single ticket.
  • What is a Tie in Proline MLB Baseball?
    In Proline a Tie is considered a game that ends within one run. This is decided at the end of regulation time or extra innings if they are needed to be played.
  • Proline MLB Definitions V, V+, T, H, H+, O, U
    V & H (Visitor or Home Win by 1 or more runs)
    V+ & H+ (Visitor or Home win by 2 or more runs)
    O & U (Game will go Over or Under the posted total)
  • Can I bet two results on the same baseball game?
    Players can not combine say V and V+ on the same game on a ticket. The only way you can combine two bets on the same game is to chooser the O or U combined with one of the V or H etc. outcomes.
  • What happens with Rained out Games, Weather Delays or Postponed Game?
    If one of your selections is rained out or delayed. Proline will score that game at odds of 1.00 upon calculation. So your ticket will still be active but that event will be calculated at odds of 1.00 which works out as if that game was never on the ticket.

Proline Baseball vs Online Sportsbook Betting

  • Odds and Payouts: One of the many drawbacks with regards to Proline is the poor odds value. This draws a lot of Canadians to switch to online sportsbooks each year. For instance when the Jays began the season against the Rays this year. Proline’s odds for the Jays to win the game outright was 1.60, Bet365 was offering 2.00. Bet365 was offering a 40% higher payout and this is pretty much the norm night after night.
  • Options and Limits: Another big selling point when it comes to betting on baseball online compared to Proline is the multitude of MLB betting options and sign up bonuses. Generally, most online sportsbooks offer cash sign up bonuses for new customers and a large number of props for each game. Not to mention futures bets like odds to win world series or odds to hit the most home runs this season. Of course, you can bet on single games, unlike Proline that requires at least three events per ticket each night. And of course, you can bet as much or as little online as you want.
  • Convenience Factor: Although Proline is convenient in the sense that you can simply buy tickets for cash. The problem is you have to go in store to buy and cash out tickets every time you play. And if you really like to use cash to bet instead of a credit card or bank transfer, you can now buy PaySafeCard at convenience stores all over Canada and deposit that money at your favourite online sportsbook.

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Some people find it easier to just have money come and go via their personal chequing account or credit card which is available at online sportsbooks. The most convenient thing about betting online is you can do it on any device, at any time and at any place. The odds are posted right away and no need to wait for them to come out days after an event is scheduled.